Important Tiktok Ads Statistics to Know in 2024 (2024)

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TikTok has been a hit since it was launched in 2016 by Bytedance. A year after its release, it announced its views had reached one million per day.

This is because social media users quickly accepted it in South Asia, where it was launched. The number of its Chinese and Indian users increased drastically until the app was banned in India.

There are several benefits TikTok offers to its consumers. One of them is reaching out to a broad audience through ads. Another is brand engagement through active communities. This has made it an essential tool for marketers and salespeople.

However, before signing up on TikTok as a marketing tool, it is essential to learn more about it. Learning how to effectively optimize TikTok before signing up will help provide a better return on investment. This article lists the most important statistics, trends, and numbers you need to leverage TikTok ads.

Key TikTok Ads Statistics

  • In September 2021, TikTok announced it had reached one billion active users worldwide, with 142.2 million users in North America.
  • TikTok was the most-downloaded app worldwide in Q1 2023, with an estimated 177 million installs
  • 57% of TikTok’s users worldwide identify as female, with the remaining 43% identifying as male.
  • TikTok is currently the sixth-most popular social network globally with approximately one billion users, just behind Facebook: 2.9 billion users, YouTube: 2.6 billion users, WhatsApp: 2 billion users, Instagram: 1.5 billion users, and WeChat: 1.3 billion users.
  • 20.6 percent of consumers who make a purchase over social media say they do so all the time on TikTok, making TikTok the platform with the highest percentage of frequent social shoppers.

General TikTok Ads Statistics

According to data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, TikTok was the most-downloaded app worldwide in Q1 2023, with an estimated 177 million installs across the App Store and Google Play. This marks the first time that TikTok has claimed the top spot for downloads in a single quarter, surpassing Instagram, which came in second with 150 million downloads.

1. 72% of TikTok users say TikTok ads are inspirational


A significant percentage of TikTok videos are inspirational. These types of videos appeal to the TikTok audience more often than not. Brands are leveraging this information to make engaging ads. The more your ads can reach the viewer’s emotions, the higher your chances of selling.

2. About 68% of TikTok users say they remember brands whose video feature their favorite songs


Almost everybody loves music. This is why brands are joining and creating music challenges today. To appeal to your target audience, you need always to be involved in their personal lives. By knowing the songs that interest them at the moment, you can feature them in your ads. This will make your ads more engaging to your prospects.

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3. 62% of TikTok users say they get more curious about brands who use their favorite songs


This statistic supports the preceding stats. And it proves that viewers love brands who connect with them. While 68% of TikTok users remember brands that use their favorite songs more, 62% take a step further. They could check out the Brand on TikTok and other social media pages. When they do, they end up becoming customers if the sales funnel is good.

More TikTok facts show that a whopping 58% of users would share the ads with others or talk about them. By doing this, they would be indirectly promoting your brand. However, it all starts with sharing their love for a song.

4. Vertical TikTok videos have a 25% increase in the watch-through rate


Full-screen videos have always received more attention online. According to this statistic, viewers would watch a 9:16 aspect video for 6 seconds more than those in other dimensions. However, this statistic may not work for you if the video experience is poorly managed. To use this to your advantage, you must first create quality video ads.

5. Brands that use branded hashtag challenges have seen a 4x increase in ad recall.


Before TikTok became popular, branded hashtag challenges have existed on other social media platforms. However, after TikTok grew to be an environment of numerous online challenges, brands began leveraging it. Combining TikTok users' thirst for challenges with a great brand hashtag challenge will yield more ROI. Brands who have tried this have seen a four times increase in ad recall. They have also recorded a 4.5x increase in brand awareness.

6. 49% of TikTok users bought a product after seeing it on TikTok


Brands with a solid TikTok community can quickly popularize their products or services. The community becomes beneficial when prospects come on the platform to see who's talking about it and what they're saying. In this survey of TikTok users, 49% of the respondents looked to TikTok before making purchases.

7. Brands can record a 27% increase in ad recall through collaborations with TikTok creators.


Influencer marketing has become very popular in the social media space today. What's more, they work almost all the time. It’s the same for TikTok. Working with content creators on TikTok to create TikTok-specific ads can boost your brand awareness by 27%.

8. On TikTok, the first 3 seconds of your video determine your ad click-through rate.


Creating a TikTok video is quite different from ads. Here, the ability to pass your message quickly holds the key to engagement. About 63% of videos with the highest CTR emphasize their crucial point in 3 seconds from this survey. However, it is essential not to forget quality when working. Do not prolong things unnecessarily on your TikTok ads.

9. To popularize a hashtag challenge on TikTok, brands may spend an extra $100,000 to $200,000


Brands looking to increase their spread or audience on TikTok must be willing to spend more. Especially if they wish to promote a hashtag challenge, hashtag challenges can cost a lot. TikTok recommends at least a $100,000 increase in ad budget.

10. TikTok now features augmented reality ads on its platform for Brands


TikTok’s AR options are now available for businesses to take advantage of. Since its launch in 2021, brands have been incorporating the AR feature in their other ads. They have also been exporting these ads to other social media platforms and Television. An example is Old Navy, the clothing retail brand that now displays its TikTok ads on Television.

11. Top-View ads are the most used ads option on TikTok


According to the video social media platform, its most used ad is the top-view ad. TikTok’s top-view ads pop up immediately after you open the app. This is why brands love it better than other ad options. The brand takeover ads are somewhat similar to it. However, unlike it, it can last up to 60 seconds which is a lot of time for ads.

12. Brands are responsible for 3.7% of the total TikTok content

(Social Pilot)

Although relatively small when you think about it, this 3.7% is responsible for most of the content on TikTok. This is because Brands sponsor many hashtag challenges as part of their ads strategy.

13. 50% of TikTok ads are emotionally inclined

(Social Pilot)

As mentioned earlier, TikTok users love videos that appeal to them emotionally. Any brand that wants to scale its ads on TikTok must add a bit of sensitivity. It must be ready to connect with the viewer emotionally and psychologically in just a few seconds. Knowledge of marketing psychology will be beneficial in this case.

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14. In-feed ads are the most accessible ads for small businesses

(Market Hire)

Contrary to popular opinion, TikTok ads are not only for big brands. There are different options for different business sizes. However, the least expensive is the in-feed ad. It has enabled small businesses to publicize their products or services. In-feed ads are available for as low as $20 per ad group.

TikTok Usage Statistics

15. 90% of TikTokers visit the app daily


TikTok has risen to become one of the social media platforms with extremely high engagement. Some statistics place it above other popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook in engagement levels. According to this statistic, 90% of the TikTok population log in every day. Apart from this, nine out of every ten users log onto the platform several times a day.

16. 30% of the Gen Z social media population check out a product on TikTok before purchase


YouTube was the top place to research a brand before any purchases in the past. However, TikTok has seen a rise in the engagement of Gen Z users. Now, 30% of these people would instead research a product on TikTok before buying than anywhere else. If your target market is Gen Z, you should increase your engagement level on TikTok. Create more ads, work with influencers, and be active.

17. 43% of TikTokers try what they watch on the platform


This statistic is evident when you look at how TikTok challenges are done. It's always one person or group that begins a challenge. However, the whole community soon taps into it after a while. Brands can inspire prospects to take the action they want them to through TikTok. Their only concern is to popularize the content and watch how its effect ripples.

18. U.K and U.S TikTok users spend an average of 24 hours on the platform every month

(The Verge)

Twenty-four hours is a lot of time, considering that TikTok videos are usually concise. The level of engagement on the platform has been rising since its birth. Recently, its monthly average view-time became higher than YouTube's 22 hours. This is why brands are pouring their ad budget into these two platforms lately.

19. A quarter of the most popular TikTok videos have an average length of 21 to 34 seconds.

TikTok is widely known for its short yet engaging content. According to this survey, shorter videos often record 1.6% impressions stronger than long videos. This is because the most popular videos on the platform last for only about 21 seconds. Brands that want to perform well should optimize their content and ads to be short but precise and quality.

20. A vast majority of TikTok users are there for the entertainment


There are several reasons people use TikTok. However, the most common reason is entertainment which makes up 60% of the total U.S/U.K users. According to this research, 45% of TikTokers use the platform to fill up spare time. A combined 52% visit the platform to find inspiration and learn new things.

Also, 46% use it to stay updated with trends and follow their favorite celebrities. Only 11% say they use it to get famous.

21. According to this report, kids spend 75 minutes on TikTok daily


Gen Z isn't the only age group that enjoys YouTube. People in other age groups, including kids and older adults, like it. Kids from age four now spend at least 75 minutes watching TikTok videos. This is more than the average time spent on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter.

Brands that target kids can do their research and tailor their ads in accordance with the research done. Some things to consider are the time these kids are active and what they view the most.

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22. In 2020, many parents blocked the TikTok app from their children


Although 2020 was the highlight for TikTok, it also became the most blocked social media app. Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook followed it. Parents have always been taking action against social media platforms for their children's sake.

However, TikTok now has a parental control guide and family safety modes. Therefore, marketers and brands can target more families in their ads.

23. In 2020, TikTok was named the 3rd fastest growing brand

(Morning Consult)

In 2020, Morning Consult listed TikTok as the 3rd fastest growing brand globally. It followed other video streaming ads like Zoom and Peaco*ck. The growth of TikTok that year was attributed to the 2020 pandemic.

However, in 2021, it remained on Morning Consult's list. This is proof that TikTok has come to stay. And brands will keep growing their business using the platform.

TikTok User Demography Statistics

24. China has the highest population of TikTok users


This statistic is not surprising at all. The popular video streaming platform was birthed in China and was known as Douyin. Therefore, its popularity spread from there to other parts of the world. As of 2020, the number of Douyin users in China has hit 600 million.

In 2021, another statistic placed this value at 670 million. Because of these enormous numbers, brands and marketers in China get huge ROIs on their ads.

25. TikTok’s monthly active users are more than one billion


In 2023, this number was only 689 million. In the space of one year, the population grew to one billion. This number may not be as high as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. However, it shows that the video streaming platform is growing at a very high rate. The more TikTok develops, the more possibilities it holds for its users.

26. As TikTok grows, older generations gravitate toward it as well


Before now, TikTok was named the platform for Gen Z and younger generations. However, the narrative has changed. According to Statista, users between 30 and 49 years have increased significantly to 42%. This percentage is quite close to the 47% of users aged 10 to 29. Since people of all ages now dominate the market, now is the time to broaden your scope on TikTok.

27. 53% of content creators on TikTok are between 18 and 24 years old


The platform might have gained acceptance among the older generations. However, the most active users remain Gen Z. They are responsible for most of the content on TikTok. The wealthiest influencers on the app also fall in this age group.

28. 37% of families that use TikTok in the U.S have an annual income of $100,000

(Marketing Chart)

According to this statistic, 37% of U.S TikTok users boast of earning an average of $100,000 annually. And those that earn $25,000 or less annually are 9.6%. Since there are different earning groups on TikTok, ads need to be placed more specifically. Brands will need detailed research to know what their target audience is worth.

29. The United States has 78.7 million monthly TikTok users


The population of TikTok users all over the world has increased exponentially. In the United States alone, there are 78.7 million users. Of this population, 37.3 million are Gen Z. Brands, whose target audience is in the United States, now have a broader reach.

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30. Women form 61% of the total TikTok population


Like many social media platforms, females also take the lead on TikTok. According to Statista, they make up 61% of the total TikTok users. If your brand is targeted at women, you know where to be. Brands targeted at men also have a whopping 49% of the audience to reach.

31. Males from the most significant number of TikTok users in Islamic countries

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

Female TikTok users may be more when the whole world is combined. However, in many Arabic nations, men form the largest audience. In the United Arab Emirates, males form 70.7% of TikTok users. Qatar also has a whopping 71% of male users. Other countries like Egypt, Turkey, and Kuwait have male users between 60 and 70%.

32.TikTok is now the second favorite social media platform of teenagers

(Piper Sandler)

According to this survey by Piper Sandler, TikTok has become very loved by teenagers. The first, however, has remained on Snapchat for the past few years. Although Instagram was number 2 in the previous years, TikTok has snatched its teenage audience. As of 2021, 69% of U.S teenagers use TikTok regularly.

33. Four million TikTok users watched Justin Bieber's TikTok valentine's day live stream by 4 million TikTok users.


It's interesting how celebrities can pull in numbers. In February 2021, Justin Bieber held a live stream on TikTok. And 4 million viewers watched this live performance. What's more interesting is how intelligent brands leverage the popularity of these celebs in their ads. Get a celebrity on your content and watch it spread like wildfire if you can afford it.

TikTok Marketing Statistics

34. TikTok’s revenue in 2020 was estimated to be $1.9 billion

(Social Shepherd)

In 2020 alone, the video streaming platform made $1.9 billion in revenue through ads. As TikTok’s population increases, its earning potential will also increase.

35. In 2020, 14% of marketers said they planned to spend more on TikTok in 2021


HootSuite surveyed some marketers in 2020. 14% of the respondents said they'd spend more on the app the following year. At the time, many people had just started tapping into the potential of the video streaming site.

As predicted, TikTok saw a rise in ad spend in 2021. Even in 2023, these marketers keep spending on TikTok ads. If you’re ready, you can always join the train.

36. Influencers in the United States see an 18% engagement rate

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

The engagement level of TikTok has become higher than on some social media platforms. What’s interesting is these platforms have more users. As a brand, TikTok is one of the best places to grow your online community now. Compared to Instagram’s 3.86% and YouTube’s 1.63%, your brand can reach 18% engagement on TikTok.

37. 45% of marketers partner with TikTok influencers for marketing

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

The number of Influencers transitioning from Instagram to TikTok has become high recently. According to this survey, more marketers now partner with TikTok influencers to market their products and services. This increase has made TikTok another base for influencer marketing.

38. There were more than 700 million TikTok downloads in 2021


In 2021, TikTok was marked as the number one downloaded app of the year. It was more downloaded than other social media platforms, including Instagram. This development began in 2020 during the pandemic. And in 2021 alone, it soared to 700 million downloads. This statistic is proof that TikTok’s users are increasing daily, providing a wider reach for businesses.

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39. TikTok is Currently being used in more than 150 countries


Language diversity is not a problem when it comes to TikTok’s use. As of now, the video streaming platform is used in more than 150 countries with different languages. Organizations whose prospects are scattered worldwide can directly reach them through a central base.

Brands can also create ads in other languages depending on their audience. Diversity can be pretty tricky for local businesses. Therefore, you must carry out detailed research before placing an ad.

40. TikTok hit more than one million views per day since its first year

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

Just one year after its development, TikTok recorded an estimated one million views every day. However, this was a long time ago. The number of views per day on TikTok has become way more than this. This is good news for brands who choose TikTok for their ads. With more than one million views, brands can reach a wider audience than before.


Video marketing is taking the lead in the world of marketing today. However, brands are not only looking for ways to reach their audience through videos. They’re also seeking methods to build an active community. This community can serve as a support for new prospects and a means of publicizing new products.

This is precisely what the video streaming platform TikTok does. There are different strategies to achieve your goals on TikTok. If you don't know them, the platform could work against you. Therefore, you must conduct detailed research before going further.


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Important Tiktok Ads Statistics to Know in 2024 (2024)


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