German Lotto Results and Latest Prize Breakdown (2024)

Winning Numbers

  • 510152231409

Prize Breakdown

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '-999','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': 'No Winners','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '-999','GuessCountToDisplay': '

6+1 Superzahl

','Id': '5785400','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','DateModified': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '351428','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 493494.4000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 493,494.40

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '493,494.40','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 493,494.40','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '493,494.40','GuessCountToDisplay': '


','Id': '5785401','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','DateModified': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '351428','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 8765.6000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 8,765.60

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '8,765.60','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 8,765.60','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '8,765.60','GuessCountToDisplay': '

5+1 Superzahl

','Id': '5785402','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','DateModified': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '351428','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 2525.0000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 2,525

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '2,525','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 2,525','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '2,525','GuessCountToDisplay': '


','Id': '5785403','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','DateModified': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '351428','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 168.2000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 168.20

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '168.20','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 168.20','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '168.20','GuessCountToDisplay': '

4+1 Superzahl

','Id': '5785404','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','DateModified': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '351428','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 39.3000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 39.30

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '39.30','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 39.30','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '39.30','GuessCountToDisplay': '


','Id': '5785405','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','DateModified': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '351428','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 21.0000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 21

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '21','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 21','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '21','GuessCountToDisplay': '

3+1 Superzahl

','Id': '5785406','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','DateModified': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '351428','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 10.2000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 10.20

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '10.20','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 10.20','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '10.20','GuessCountToDisplay': '


','Id': '5785407','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','DateModified': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '351428','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 6.0000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 6

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '6','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 6','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '6','GuessCountToDisplay': '

2+1 Superzahl

','Id': '5785408','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','DateModified': '10/06/2024 12:41:03','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'}],rowNum: 1000,gridComplete:function(){var $grid = $(this);var getEvents = $._data($grid[0], 'events'); if (getEvents && getEvents.contextmenu && getEvents.contextmenu.length === 1) { var orgContextmenu = getEvents.contextmenu[0].handler; $grid.unbind('contextmenu', orgContextmenu); $grid.bind('contextmenu', function(e) { var oldmultiselect = this.p.multiselect, result; this.p.multiselect = true; result =, e); this.p.multiselect = oldmultiselect; return result; }); }$('#lotteryResultsGrid_jqGrid_rn').addClass('hideRightBorder');$grid.attr("gridcompleted", "true")},loadComplete:function(){$(this).trigger('loadComplete'); },});$('#lotteryResultsGrid_jqGrid').jqGrid('navGrid', '#lotteryResultsGrid_jqPager', {edit: false, add: false, del: false, excel: false, search: false , refresh: false});var cm = $('#lotteryResultsGrid_jqGrid')[0].p.colModel;$.each($('#lotteryResultsGrid_jqGrid')[0].grid.headers, function(index, value) {var cmi = cm[index], colName =;if(!cmi.sortable && colName!=='rn' && colName!=='cb' && colName!=='subgrid') {$('div.ui-jqgrid-sortable',value.el).css({cursor:'default'});}});});

Guess Range 6/49 + Superzahl 1/9
Offered In Germany
Schedule (Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement Lottery prizes are paid out tax-free. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Winning Odds

Match Winning Odds
6+1 Superzahl1:139,838,160
5+1 Superzahl1:542,008
4+1 Superzahl1:10,324
3+1 Superzahl1:567
2+1 Superzahl1:76

German Lotto Results and Latest Prize Breakdown (1)

Check Your Germany Lotto Results

Check your Germany Lotto numbers at theLotter, and see if you’re a lottery winner! The Germany Lotto features nine amazing prize divisions, and in order to win the jackpot, players must match six winning numbers from a drum of 1-49 and the Super Number. The Super Number is an additional number chosen from a separate drum of 0-9 and is needed in order to win German Lotto's 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th prize divisions. The lottery’s overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 57. Germany Lotto prizes are paid in cash and are tax-free!

German Lotto draw times: German Lotto 6aus49 draws are staged are twice a week, every Wednesday at 17:00 GMT and Saturday at 18:00 GMT. You can check out official German Lotto results shortly after each draw.

German Lotto Results and Latest Prize Breakdown (2)

How to Receive FREE Germany Lotto 6 aus 49 Results

To receive your FREE Germany Lotto 6 results, sign up for email notifications. You can also download the free theLotterapp for iOSand Androidforfree access to the online results of lotteries around the world! Use the apps to find your favourite lottery results up to ten draws back, draw schedules, and use your saved theLotter lucky numbers for the next Germany Lotto draw, wherever you are!

German Lotto Results and Latest Prize Breakdown (3)

German Lotto's Must-Be-Won Jackpots

Germany Lotto's jackpot prize starts at €1 million and can keep growing with each rollover until it reaches the €50 million jackpot cap. When there are no tickets that match that draw’s six main numbers and the additional Super Number, the jackpot prize will be distributed to winning tickets in the next highest prize division. This rule makes playing Germany Lotto extremely worthwhile, as you have the chance to win big prizes without even matching all of the numbers!

German Lotto Results and Latest Prize Breakdown (4)

Germany Lotto's Record Jackpots

Germany Lotto has awarded several of Europe’s most impressive prizes. The lottery’s record jackpot prize of€48 million was won on 3 January 2024 by a single ticket sold in Middle Franconia! The lucky player correctly guessed all seven winning numbers, which were 14, 25, 28, 32, 36, 49 and the Super Number 4. This record-breaking prize was the first German Lotto jackpot of 2024 and the first time that the top prize had surpassed the previous €45 million cap.

Visit the official LOTTO 6 aus 49 site for more information.

German Lotto Results and Latest Prize Breakdown (2024)


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